As a creative, my interests are focused toward Healthcare and Science Education.  I thrive on solving visual problems and strive to develop experiences with impact. Fascination with scientific method, sustainability, human diversity and empathy pushes me to seek work that connects people through these common interests. I have designed user-friendly experiences, vivid high-quality illustrations, memorable identities, engaging animations and educational materials for a variety of enterprise-level business. Notable businesses include:

• Intel • Omni Sci • Flow Tech Gym • Bamboo Design • Mobile Med • Tiny Mobile • Key Frame Entertainment • Thomson and Reuters • Gauger and Associates • Lycos  • The Creative Group  • Pranam  • Pacific Arts Collection • The Center SF • BAMTV • Foomies • Vegetable Circus • Zahid Asar Solutions • Webchalet • Wholeshare • Urban Realty Group • Skyscraper • Hooked Media • Edelman

Featured Clients

Thompson Reuters

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