Knut is a small, battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled device that enables you to monitor your valuables using your computer or mobile device. Knut is controlled by an app installed on your computer or mobile device. This app will give you direct access to alerts, graphing, and data collection. This UI/UX Project was made in collaboration with lead designer Darren McArdel.

-UI/UX Design
-Art direction
-Graphic Design
-Graphics library development
-Video production coordination /Art direction


Fully sponsored to present
at Techcrunch  SF 2013



The Knut sensor hub is a device controlled by a connected app installed on a computer or mobile phone.
We designed the app to give users direct access to:

  • Alerts
  • Graphing
  • Data collection

This app built based on specifications for most computers (PC, Mac) and mobile devices (iPhone, Android).  Knut uses email technology to send and receive data. Our main design task was to organize the each type of data collected and define systems for intuitive display for navigation.

Setup Up Is Simple
On first launch of Knut, the user is tasked with setup.
Using the Knut Interface app or a web page stored in Knut users can:

  • Give their Knut a name
  • Assign their Knut an email address
  • Set how frequently their Knut checks its sensors
    (Time critical sensors such as accelerometers and switches are checked whenever they change)
  • Choose acceptable ranges for every sensor connected
  • Select their notification preferences
    (If they would like to receive an email or text message alert if a sensor goes out of the acceptable range)

How It Works
The Knut device spends the majority of the time asleep.  Every so often, Knut wakes up, checks and then records the status of all connected sensors.  When the memory in Knut is full, Knut sends the user a recorded information to a designated email address. Users can then interactly access their data.

Knut : Liz Pasekal Design

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