I’ve worked on a few mini projects than have spanned a month to just a weekend.
Here are some of those simple games!

Pollution Disrupt




Theme: Pollution Disrupt

Story: Your task is to pull resources, perform research and stop plastic pollution our ocean around the world. Various forms of pollution harm humans and the environment. Earth’s environment is home to billions of animal species and life forms, pollution very much creates problems.

This game explores empowering users to fight pollution in the ocean by tackeling the issue from multiple angles. As plastic pollution builds up, users dispatch research facilities, processing plants and cleanup crews.

Built with: Unity

My role:
-Project lead
-Design of game mechanics
-Illustration & User Interface Design
*All assets built in 2 days time

Harbor Madness

Educational Games
Tiny Mobile Games

Habor Madness is a simple instant classic iphone game available in the itunes store. The users goal is to dock as many water craft as possible without crashing them into each other or the shore lines. If they don’t act quick, and move with the fast pace, a crash is virtually guarded.

What you Learn:
This game challenges hand eye coordination and memory as players speed through matching the colors of correct boats for harbor.

My role:
Illustration & User Interface Design

Note Master

Note Master :  Liz Pasekal Designs
Tiny Mobile Games

Note Master
A game for childern to learn the basics of music notation and space travel.

-UI/UX Design of game
-All illustrations and assets

Jester's Journey

Jesters Journey: Liz Pasekal Designs
Jesters Journey: Liz Pasekal Designs
Jesters Journey: Liz Pasekal Designs
Jesters Journey: Liz Pasekal Designs

You play as a lovable height-challenged, time-traveling Jester. Being the hired entertainment, you guide audiences in mingling, getting to know each other better, and maybe – JUST MAYBE – encouraging the community to build friendships!

My Role:
-Project conceptualization
-UI/UX Design
-Graphic direction
-3D modeling

Budget Spacelines

Game Opening Illustration: Liz Pasekal Designs


Purple Monkey Game Jam

Theme: this is fine…

Story: You find yourself the only crew member of a shabby space airliner. Fix the hazards to keep the craft flying!

What you will learn:
The importance of fire safety!

Built with: Unity

My role:
Illustration & User Interface Design

Garbage in - Garbage Out


Science Hackday:
48 hour event

Theme: Garbage In Garbage Out 

What happens to your city’s trash? Depending on where you live, a surprising amount of it gets shipped to other cities in the USA. In fact, according to the 2012 commodity flow survey taken by the US government, 114 million tons of waste and scrap are shipped per year. And that’s not even counting the trash that gets carried from your house to your local waste facility with garbage trucks.

This survey only looked at intentional large scale waste transportation. Why are we shipping trash such long distances, for example from Albany to Houston? There are two main reasons: Some shipments include hazardous waste which needs to be disposed of safely. Some shipments include useful scrap, for example wood pulp. These large shipments aren’t free: companies are paying to dispose of their waste properly or they are buying useful waste they need for their businesses.

What you will learn:
Explore the data by looking at inflows and outflows. Find your city and see where your trash is going.

My role:
-User Interface Design Support
-Presentation Design

View Project:


Embiggen VR Game


What began as detestation for teleportation as a lazy means of travel embiggenned into something more. By introducing the scale mechanic, we aim to engender in the player a deeper appreciation for his or her surroundings. The experience and interaction with the environment becomes richer and vastly different as it can be approached from the various perspectives as a function of size.


What you learn
This game illuminates how perception adjusts as perspective of scale does.  Inspired by the film “The Powers of 10,” users get to play with their relative size in the universe.  Gamers can grow or shrink a character and found items to problem solve and find alternative and creative use cases as they progress through the world.

Built with:
Unity, the HTC VIVE, and a little bit of luck.

My role:
Illustration, 3D modeling, Story Boards, User Interface Design

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