-UI/UX Design
-Art direction
-Graphic Design

The myTheo application was made to connect clients and agents directly, as well as create a sense of community between agents. The concept came directly from a group of real estate agents who understand the struggle for consistent real-time information and communication in real estate. I designed directly with the agents creating the user interface.  Since then their project has gone through a huge overhaul.  Despite these changes, I can still see aspects of my design within the functionality of the product.


myTheo is building a fully integrated mobile Platform, bringing together residential real estate professionals and their clients, resulting in a 21st Century real estate transaction that is faster, more secure, more data and intelligence driven, and less maddening for all the parties involved. Deploying cloud, mobile, social and data analytic principles, the myTheo Platform finally makes the power of technology fully useful and accessible to professionals and their clients, from Search to Move-in.

With its SaaS business model, Theo seeks to revolutionize the $1.2 Trillion Industry poised for a radical makeover in the face of rising consumer expectations for whole and wonderful experiences from their service providers, in a marketplace that they can trust, easily navigate. Theo — Real Estate Made Personal


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