OmniSci is a breakthrough analytics platform originating from research at MIT. Harnessing the massive parallelism of modern CPU and GPU hardware, OmniSci allows users to interactively query, visualize, and power data science workflows over billions of records.

Through a contract with the Creative Circle, I worked full-time at OmniSci for one year. On assignment, I completed several projects:

• Guided the development of a concise full media package
• Helped redesigned the website on a team of five
• Developed motion design and new media projects for marketing and internal software usage
• Built technical diagrams based on engineering specifications

For additional examples beyond this page please review the OmniSci website at:

Color Platte : Liz Pasekal Design

Color Palette

Orginally, the color palette consisted of one hue of blue and a yellow accent. I expanded upon this palette, based on the companies desire to add more vibrance in presentations. The new palette maintained primarily shades of blue and teal for a friendly seriousness. Accents of bright hues were intergrated as secondary colors.

Font Styling – Liz Pasekal Design

Font Selection

We selected three different fonts for our marketing package.

-Proxima Nova has a great range and eye-catching form that fits well for print.

-Roboto works well on most web browsers and platforms.

-Gill Sans works is a font that Powerpoint and Google slides allows.


Header Design:

I defined several vibrant gradients to be paired with our geometric line motif. I used gradients for photography enhancements as well. However, I have found gradients must only serve to enhance the design, not to make it abstract. Over use of gradients unnecessarily wash out a design and appear overcomplicated. Gradients should be used with specific intent.


Motif Design:

I developed this geometric line motif. It is ment to used as a background element within layouts. The motif represents data information moving into ordered systems. This type of patterning can be used as a jumping off point for various stylistic needs.

Photography Selection : Liz Pasekal Designs

Photography Selection:

OmniSci imagery varies between intimate and expansive shots, with an emphasis on still lives and lifestyle photography.

product logos_Liz Pasekal Designs

Iconography Design:

I designed all of OnmiSci’s iconography and product logos. Icons have nearly no overlapping colors with negative space framing individual shapes. Shapes are bold with sharp corners and distinct curves.


Iconography Design:

Much of the terminology used within the OmniSci community is highly technical and code-based. I designed these icons through a detailed process of reviewing the meaning behind each concept and then creating an abstract oversimplification.

-We went through a process of selected four different styles and testing how this imagery worked on mock-webpages. The marketing team selected this style and I versioned each icon off of the base concept.

Designs incorporating my brand additions:

Here are webpages I personally designed using Sketch for layout, Adobe Photoshop for photo manipulation and Adobe Illustrator for iconography.   I helped design this website on a team of five. For more examples please review the website at:

Success Stories : Liz Pasekal Design
omisci_render : Liz Pasekal Design

All OmniSci webpages were designed in Sketch
Here are examples of my work.

Data Science Page : Liz Pasekal Design
Sketch Project : Liz Pasekal Design
Rendering Diagram : Liz Pasekal Design
ST Distance Diagram : Liz Pasekal Design

Diagram Design:

Often presentations or the website would need diagram features. For diagram projects, I sat down with a technical specialist and drew out their ideas.  Sometimes folks came with a very vague idea in their head, and I assisted in picking apart how to make these concepts visual. We either started with their napkin sketch or mine, as a jumping-off point.

Booth Design:

Presentations for OmniSci to showcase at events all over the world.


To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of OmniSci.

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